If your organization hosts, manages and/or stores data, shouldn’t you take the proper steps to secure that data? Risk assessments are the first step in this process as they uncover any and all potential threats.  At first glance, risk assessments might seem as if they are tedious, administrative tasks, but in fact, they are strategic drivers of success when performed, maintained and managed properly. Risk assessments are a company’s view of current and potential vulnerabilities and threats and should be a roadmap that uncovers and creates a healthy, efficient and secure organization.

Okay, we will admit it, historically and in many cases still today, risk assessments are managed by a spreadsheet. We realize this does lend itself to the tedious and administrative reputation, but as with most things in the world today, technology is evolving risk assessments. Companies like BALLAST are automating the risk assessment process by creating online dashboards that offer an interactive assessment that is easy to run, monitor, and manage.


The BALLAST security risk assessment tool allows companies to check the health of their data security, and then remedy all identified risks. With an intuitive reporting dashboard, automated remediation tracking, and one-click compliance reporting, companies of all shapes and sizes can easily evaluate and manage security risks for data across one or hundreds of locations.


With BALLAST, you can assess the overall state of potential security risks, as well as possible risks displayed by region or location if you are tracking risk for multiple companies or business units. You can get an assessment analysis at a glance for quick viewing, access personal user reports, enter your own ongoing assessments, and easily map controls to threat events. In addition, BALLAST allows you to seamlessly create and track remediation schedules by the user.


BALLAST users can enjoy several benefits.  First and foremost, BALLAST saves you time in the assessment process that can be reinvested in the job of actually securing your organization.  Other benefits include being able to facilitate security due diligence to uncover and report potential security risks and being able to assess and monitor one or multiple locations, branches, or facilities in one central location. BALLAST users also get the benefit of uncovering security risks that manual assessments might miss.

All in all, when it comes to data security, it’s a must that companies take a proactive approach to analyzing their systems and quickly remedying issues, making a breach much less likely and success imminent. To learn more about BALLAST or to get a quote, contact us today!

Mark Fulford

Mark Fulford

Mark Fulford, CISSP, CISA, ABCP, CRISC, is a Shareholder in the risk services division of LBMC, PC. With nearly 25 years of experience in information security audit and compliance, Mark understands how to translate technical jargon into actionable intelligence. With significant experience in healthcare, his expertise includes assisting companies with Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA & PCI, HITRUST compliance, as well as providing assurance to clients and their stakeholders through SOC 1 and 2 reporting engagements. More recently, his focus has been on helping organizations identify and manage information security risks through both guided and automated risk assessment techniques.