BALLAST Risk Assessment Software

Manage Risk and Compliance in a Better Way

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Our Approach

Spend Less Time Assessing and More Time Managing Your Risk

BALLAST is packed with knowledge obtained from hundreds of risk assessments, as well as guidance from national and international standards-making bodies. The result is a tool that will streamline the risk assessment process, eliminate bottlenecks associated with manual approaches and allow for real-time tracking of remediation activities. Spend less time assessing and more time managing your risks with BALLAST.

BALLAST Risk Assessment Software

Automate Your Risk Assessment Process

BALLAST is a cloud-based management tool developed by a team of risk and compliance professionals with deep backgrounds in information security as well as internal and operational audit and compliance. BALLAST is designed for rapid deployment and readily scalable – allowing you to deploy assessments and their associated remediation activities to just the right people at one or hundreds of locations with the click of a button.

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BALLAST Vendor Risk Management

Streamline Your Vendor Risk Management Program

Optimize your third-party vendor risk management program with BALLAST. Deploy assessments directly to your vendors, and see real-time results on risk rankings. Let us show you how you can assess more vendors in less time with BALLAST.

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BALLAST Facilitated Risk Assessments

Relax and Put Our Expertise to Work For You

Built into BALLAST is a wealth of intelligence and incredible workflow. However, if you are time constrained or just prefer to have an independent third-party complete an assessment, we have years of industry expertise at the ready to get you across the finish line in a thorough, yet economical way. We will work with you to define your goals, customize assessments, and facilitate or execute the work with BALLAST, enabling you to manage remediations and future assessments on your own, or engage us as needed going forward.

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BALLAST Features

BALLAST is a cloud-based risk and compliance assessment tool that streamlines the assessment process and provides on-demand compliance reporting.

Dashboard Reporting

Intuitive dashboard delivers real-time feedback on assessments and risk levels

Assign Assessments

Track assessments over multiple facilities and delegate tasks to process owners

Track Remediations

Seamlessly create, assign, and track remediation activities and due dates

Customizable Threats

Use pre-built threat and control standards or create your own

Upload Artifacts

Upload assessment artifacts as evidence of control effectiveness

On-Demand Reports

Generate risk assessment reports on-demand for auditors and regulators

Increase in Data Breaches
Average Data Breach Cost (USD)
Cyber Threats

Forbes Asks: Why Are We Losing The Cyberwar?

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Was Your Last Risk Assessment a Waste of Time?

Risk assessments are often a waste of time because they are done incorrectly, the process is inefficient, and then, after a very cursory review, the report just sits on the shelf and doesn’t accomplish anything.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Mark Fulford, Co-founder of BALLAST, has written an eBook entitled 4 Reasons Your Risk Assessment Is a Waste of Time, that will show you simple strategies to help you avoid 4 common pitfalls that turn your risk assessments into a waste of time. Download the FREE eBook today!

There are other offerings out there for risk assessment, but it all boils down to the partnership that I've been able to establish with LBMC and BALLAST.

Michelle ByrdSenior VP of Compliance, VRC
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