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Streamline Your Vendor Risk Management Program

To meet the ever-changing needs of today’s business environment, vendors play a critical role in the success of your organization. However, engaging with third parties can expose your organization to added risk. Having a streamlined vendor risk management program in place, as well as identifying and minimizing associated risks, is vital to protecting your organization. BALLAST lets you deploy assessments directly to both vendors and/or internal stakeholders and see real-time results on risk rankings. Let us show you how you can assess more vendors in less time with BALLAST.

BALLAST Features

Whether you have a handful or hundreds of vendors, BALLAST can save you time and money while providing actionable data to help you manage your vendor risk. Enjoy these great features.

Identify Risks, Real-time

Intuitive dashboards deliver real-time feedback on vendor risk. Vendors are risk profiled and ranked based on threat level, giving you visibility into how your critical vendors impact your overall organizational risk.

Better Reporting, Better Decisions

Generate on-demand reports for auditors to verify your practices meet regulatory requirements. Deliver key insights to executives to enable you to make timely, data-driven decisions to mitigate your risk exposure.

Automate Assessments

Select from our library of pre-built assessments or create your own. Assign tasks to process owners across multiple facilities. Automated reminders streamline touch-points, so assessments are completed on-time.

Vendor Classification

Flexible reporting areas (i.e., contract size, criticality, data exchange, etc.) and risk scoring, let you identify and rank your riskiest vendors and ensure they are adhering to standard control frameworks.

Customize Branding

Our white-label solution allows you to customize your vendor assessments delivered in BALLAST with your company logo and color scheme, so your vendors can easily identify your brand with the assessment.

Track Remediations

Remediation dashboards let you see deficiencies identified by vendor, so you can delegate mitigation tasks. Seamlessly assign and track remediation activities and due dates with internal or external stakeholders.

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Vendor Management

Study Finds 181 Third-Party Vendors Access Average Company's Network Each Week

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