We’re happy to announce the release of BALLAST 4.0, which includes many exciting new features and enhancements that will help you mature your security program.

As an administrator, visibility into control gaps is essential in identifying areas needing increased focus in your organization. With this latest release, BALLAST gives you more visibility into control gaps to not only enable good risk management practice, but also support good security program management.

Here are just a few of the exciting new features included in this release.

Control Gap Analysis Charts. In addition to visibility into the highest threats facing your organization – you can now, at a glance, see how controls stack up against specific domains within your chosen security framework. Want to see how your scores for access control compare against your scores for risk management within the NIST Cyber-Security Framework? Now you can – with BALLAST’s new Control Gap Analysis Charts that allow you to quickly identify compliance gaps and opportunities to improve your security processes.

Control Implementation Score. BALLAST is taking the guesswork out of ranking Likelihood and Impact for threats by providing you with a new Control Implementation Score while completing a risk assessment. The Control Implementation Score indicates the percentage of controls that were answered “fully in place” to help inform your decision in rating Likelihood and Impact and provide greater objectivity and accuracy when deciding on how to categorize a threat.

Controls CSV Export. One of the most powerful features of BALLAST is the ability to harness the power of the data collected by your risk assessments. This release features a new Controls CSV export to give you a full export of assessment controls, how they were answered and scores to allow you to further analyze the data out-of-band. This enhanced export functionality gives you unlimited possibilities for data analysis across your entire portfolio of assessments.

Assign Controls. BALLAST now gives you the added flexibility to assign at the control level, so you can delegate specific control questions to the person best able to respond. This allows for more effective delegation and better accuracy as the individuals with the most knowledge about a control or security process can provide direct input related to their area of responsibility.

Controls Crosswalk. One of the primary goals of BALLAST is to reduce assessment fatigue by being able to assess once and understand gaps against multiple frameworks. This is why crosswalks are being built between public control sets in BALLAST, so that controls are mapped to related controls within another framework. This will set the foundation for future reporting that will show comparisons between frameworks.

These changes, and more, are now live for BALLAST customers. Not a customer? Contact us today to schedule a demo.