We’re happy to announce the release of BALLAST 3.1.0, which includes many exciting new features and enhancements that will help you streamline your risk assessment process.

This latest wave of new features for BALLAST makes it even easier to add, assign and complete assessments. The enhanced design makes assessments easier to read, and navigation is streamlined to complete tasks faster—saving you time.

Forget to add a threat or control question to a deployed assessment? No problem. We make it easy to modify assessments on-the-fly. You can now add threats and controls to an active assessment, and the assigned user will be notified that they have new threats and controls to review and complete. Assessment status and percent complete are dynamically updated, based on the number of threats and controls added to the assessment.

One of the most powerful features of BALLAST is the real-time dashboard reporting. BALLAST allows you to define reporting areas on your dashboard that are not just limited to geographical regions but can also include brands, applications, and vendors. With this release, we have rolled out a few changes in nomenclature to allow even more flexibility when specifying areas of reporting. Facilities are now called Targets. Similarly, Reporting Regions are now called Reporting Areas. These changes in nomenclature will allow more flexibility and accommodate a broader range of risk assessments.

Data ownership and portability has been at the forefront of the news today. After all, it’s your data. So, we are giving you even more control over your data in BALLAST. You will now be able to export Targets with a click of a button, giving you the power to export, update, and reimport your data to easily maintain your lists of Targets.

These changes, and more, are now live for BALLAST customers. Not a customer? Contact us today to schedule a demo.